How to Use Self Storage Facilities

People tend to accumulate things and there will come a time that you will not have enough space in your office, home or business premise in storing your materials and when you realize that you wish you could move some of those things that you are not going to need in quite some time into somewhere safe. This is the reason why self-storage has developed and became a full-fledged self-storage industry. Here are some tips and steps that could help you with the process of using and looking for a self-storage unit.

Decide on what things you are going to store in order for you to decide what size of storage you will be renting and what amenities you might to need in .

If you already have chosen the things you will store and conclude a size you will need. Storage sizes are ranging from small storage lockers up to 10 by 30 lockers. After assessing how much space you are going to use, you may now start to search for locations with the available unit size you are looking for.

  • Every storage facilities varies in amenities like units with climate-controlled, multiple stories, gates that has access codes, and cameras so you decide what amenities you want. This depends upon the value of the thing you are going to store.
  • Decide when you are going to need the unit because although most facilities have the size of unit you are looking, it might not be available on the day you will need it so you should plan ahead, make sure that during that time that your unit is available when you need it.
  • Search storage online using internet and search service and compare the units of each and this allows you to find the most suitable unit that fits your needs. You could also ask a local guy ii there’s a facility near you and you could check personally.
  • Ask for discounts for there are times that these facilities give special discounts for veterans, students or just a special time for them. You should check if you are qualified for any of the discounts.
  • Some facilities let you reserve for units online just for free. And nothing will be charged as long as you get to move in on the date agreed upon.
  • As mentioned above the unit is yours up until that reserved date so be sure to claim it by then and have your payment ready with you because it will be the time you will need to pay some of the whole price.
  • You can now move into the unit on that same day you claimed your unit but it always depends on how much stuff you have, some could take up to a couple of days to do the entire work. Facilities these days have drive-up access so that you could use your truck or van in bringing your stuff, you may take advantage of that but most important is to plan accordingly to save you time in storing your items properly.
  • After the unit has served you its purpose, do not forget about it and do not abandon it. This is where storage sale comes into play, if you have watched Storage Wars episodes; sometimes people leave pretty valuable things in their units.